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Green Jobs

Green Jobs / Image: Innovative Power Systems
Green Jobs / Image: Innovative Power Systems
Green products and services, renewable energy, and environmental conservation--three job zones not always easy to define, but set to take off as savvy cities move step by step toward an economy less based on fossil fuels and more connected to the wind, the waves, the sun. Twin Cities innovators in technology and business are busy creating parts of the mosaic--a green roof, an LEED-certified office building or factory, a new system to handle waste, a product created with a minimal carbon footprint--that will one day add up to a new image of what it means to live, work, and do business on earth. In the process they are creating new ways for people to make a living that enhances life on the planet.

Green Jobs Features

Bogobrush: A Bamboo Objet d'Art for Social Good

Heather and John McDougall, who are siblings, have designed the bamboo Bogobrush, a "buy one, give one" product that provides toothbrushes to people in need.

Barking Up New Businesses: Four Women Unleash Their Creativity for Canines

Hank and His Bus: Catalysts for Changing Architectural Education?

In a Multi-Year Project, Our Native Flowers Sit for Their Portraits

Turning Trash into Treasure, Creative Reuse Movement Boosts Urban Economies

Across America, creative reuse organizations are popping up to "upcycle" and sell stuff that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Artisans and artists are, in turn, turning this would-be detritus into artworks and products.
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