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North End

North End store fronts
North End store fronts
The North End has always drawn immigrants, and the welcome mat is still out--there's a mammoth open-air market called Hmongtown here, and many other ethnic establishments. The neighborhood is also well supplied with the long-established, tradition-rich businesses that Saint Paulites love, like the Tschida Bakery, known for poppy seed rolls, and Conny's Creamy Cone, where you can get no fewer than 24 flavors of soft-serve ice cream, including amaretto and crème de menthe. And Oakland Cemetery, the city's oldest, is rich with posthumous sculpture, including Hmong graves laser-etched with portraits and stories.

North End Features

Cycling in the Cities: Seven New Local Inventions for Bike Enthusiasts Here and Around the Globe

The Twin Cities is a leader in bicycle use and a major innovator in bicycle design and technology. The seven inventions profiled here have, or will have, an impact on the local and global cycling industry. And the pace of innovation shows no sign of slowing down.    

Q+A: Shawn Combs Walding, MnDOT's Transit Advantages Coordinator

We recently sat down with Shawn Combs Walding, MnDOT’s Transit Advantages Coordinator for the Twin Cities Metro District to discuss alternative transportation in the Twin Cities, what local entities can do to promote transit use, and how easy it really is to be car-free. 

The Big Picture 9: Bruce Corrie on the power of "ethnic capital"

Often, says Concordia University economist and biz-school dean Bruce Corrie, our minority and immigrant communities are seen solely through the "problem" lens. Their struggles are real, but their contributions to our prosperity and potential for growth are greater than most majority Minnesotans realize. And Corrie's got the figures to prove it.

VideoLine: Hmongtown Marketplace, A place Like Home

A re-run of one of our most popular videos--a trip through Saint Paul's colorful Hmongtown Marketplace with Ying Xiong, its general manager.

Down Dale: Images of a city street

Our photographer, Bill Kelley, took a leisurely trip from Maryland Avenue to Selby Avenue on Dale Street, making images of the many faces of this great old Saint Paul street: the well-loved neighborhood institution called Conny's Creamy Cone, a place to get Cambodian DVDs, the ambitious new Frogtown Square development, Big Daddy's Barbecue--and a gigantic sunflower too. Join him on one of the city's most diverse and soulful thoroughfares.
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