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Highland Park

It's mostly a green, quiet, tree-lined neighborhood of postwar-era houses, but Highland has some surprises as well: a flourishing Hasidic Jewish community, the multi-ethnic Sibley Plaza mall, home to La Hacienda, a pan-South-American restaurant and a Kiev, a comprehensive Russian grocery store, and the lively  business district on Ford Parkway, with a medley of urban offerings: from one of the city's best movie theaters to the hip Highland Grill--Australian-style fish and chips a specialty--and Punch Neapolitan Pizza, which was dishing out southern-Italian-style traditional pizza before that retro-purist trend hit New York.


Green Line Tree Trenches

Rain as a Resource: St. Paul Innovates Shared, Sustainable Stormwater Management

The City of St. Paul and its partners are utilizing an innovative method of managing stormwater to restore natural water systems, incorporate green infrastructure into sustainable communities and improve the urban ecosystem. 


Four Craft Coffee Roasters Building Buzz in MSP

Who are the local players behind MSP’s craft coffee scene? These four local roasters are undeniably at the movement’s fore, sparking a revolution in how we talk about roasting and experience tasting.  


Fast and Frequent: New A Line Gets You Where You're Going Between Minnehaha and St. Paul

Metro Transit's first aBRT, the A Line, provides fast, frequent, all-day service in one of the region’s busiest transportation corridors for MSP'ers.

courtesy strib.jpg

Make the Switch from Car to Bike Commute This Winter: Here's How

Imagine a day in a bike commuter’s boots. How does he or she prepare before walking out the door? How do they stay comfortable behind Arctic fronts and snow curtains — even the dreaded polar vortex. Here's how.

Askov Finlayson's sold-out North hat

Forget Midwest. We Are North: Repositioning MSP's National Identity for the 21st Century

According to a recent panel discussion, we need to own our cold climate and our ingenuity in order to attract new talent, continue fueling the innovation at the heart of our economy, and create a new and authentic national identity. Shall we call ourselves the North?  
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