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Affordable Housing

Call it a prairie-bred sense of community, Scandinavian-style egalitarianism, or simple fairness, but people in the Twin Cities tend to believe that income should not be destiny--that everybody deserves equal access to the good things in life, including comfortable and attractive housing, regardless of the number of zeroes on their paychecks. The realities of development can make this goal a complicated one to achieve, but the sheer number of organizations and individuals working toward it here make it a live issue whenever residential development happens here.

Affordable Housing Features

The Challenges of Building "The Essential House"

Architect Daniel Yudchitz decided to design and build a small, sustainable, low-cost, energy-efficient house for himself in Saint Paul's challenged Rondo neighborhood, to demonstrate how architecture could promote urban reinvestment. And then the banks weighed in.

Anchor districts emerge as powerful players in bid to shape the new metropolis

On the frontier of urban development today are some big players: major medical, educational, and other institutions with a stake in the growth and well-being of their communities. They're not just building new buildings--they're revitalizing neighborhoods in partnership with government, nonprofits, and citizens.

Living Downtown: What's Promising, What's Missing

Both St. Paul and Minneapolis have committed themselves to making their downtowns more residential, with major projects to develop the infrastructure a genuine residential neighborhood requires. But, says Minnesota 2020 fellow Agata Miszczyk, an emphasis on rental units and luxury buildings is holding back the vitality that the downtowns need.

Rebuilding More than Houses

A pair of determined nonprofits, Minneapolis' Urban Homeworks and Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services in Saint Paul, begin by fixing up damaged, foreclosed, and derelict houses--and then go on to help strengthen the surrounding neighborhoods in many other ways.
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