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Longfellow Mural
Longfellow Mural
The western "spine" of this residential neighborhood at the city's southeastern edge is the Hiawatha Light Rail line, completed in 2004, and running from the Mall of America in the southern suburb of Bloomington to the new Twins Stadium, Target Field. Longfellow is a quiet neighborhood full of small single-family homes, many of them Craftsman-style bungalows dating from the 1920s; some have been remodeled by the city's cohort of young residential architects. It's also home to the ornate Riverview Theater, one of the city's favorite second-run and art-film showplaces, and plenty of independently owned eateries and cafes.

Longfellow Features

10 Local Apps for Mobilizing Summer in the Cities

Summer in Minneapolis-St. Paul is all about getting out and about. Here are 10 homegrown apps to help you make the most of your summer in the cities.

Alley Activation: Pathways to Urban Revitalization

From Seattle to Washington D.C., alleys are being reinvented as people-friendly spaces. Often perceived as dirty and dangerous, alleys are moving beyond garbage and garages to become havens for pedestrians, public art and small business.

Garages For Art's Sake

For artist/gallerist Pete Driessen and the theater artists of Off-Leash Area, turning their garages into art spaces provided opportunities for innovation, experimentation, and freedom, very close to home. And the neighbors don't mind a bit.

Coworking for Fashionistas: Two designers open "Showroom"

Jen Chilstrom and Kimberly Jurek have just opened (May 1) a new kind of fashion boutique. The Showroom is a combination retail shop/workshop/coworking space where local designers can come, work, exhibit, share ideas, and grow creatively.

A Line or Two: Northbound Smokehouse and Paul's Ball

In A Line or Two, I share some of my discoveries and enthusiasms as I make my way around the Twin Cities. Call it an editor's note as blog entry. This week: A lively lunch at Minneapolis' newest brewpub on its first day--and a first look at Paul's Ball.
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