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Franklin Art works
Franklin Art works
This mosaic of a neighborhood, home to many immigrant nationalities and native-born ethnicities, including African-Americans and Native Americans, is a complex mix of residences, small businesses, and major medical and financial institutions, including the sprawling Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Allina Health Care, and Wells Fargo Mortgage. The towering, long-vacant Sears building at Chicago Avenue and Lake Street was remade to the tune of $189 million into a mixed-used development; at ground level it hosts the colorful Midtown Global Market, a cluster of small food stands, restaurants, and retail stores that celebrate--and sell--the fruits of Minneapolis' many cultures.

Phillips Features

Cooking Up Entrepreneurship in Twin Cities Incubator Kitchens

Incubator or community kitchens have been gaining momentum in the Twin Cities, bringing together food entreprenuers, ingredients, and innovation.

Sound.Art MIA and Engaging New Museum Audiences

New Art Meets Old Masters: A Conversation with MIA curator Elizabeth Armstrong

Minneapolis Institute of Arts' first-ever curator of contemporary art talks about how she uses new art to illuminate old art (and vice-versa) in the MIA--and her plans for new forms of community involvement with the museum.

The Building Sustainable Communities Program: Art for Everybody's Neighborhood

Art lives in the Twin Cities--and not just in the tonier parts of town. Thanks to initiatives like Twin Cities LISC's Building Sustainable Communities program, art and artists are taking major roles in helping some of our most challenged inner-city communities thrive.

A Line or Two: The "Glitter Knitter" to Perform

This week: You've heard of "yarn bombing," knitting as a kind of graffiti (knitted cozies around trees and phone poles, yarn symbols strung through the links of chain-link fences, etc.). But how about knitting as out-there performance art? Our most fabulous local yarnmeister, StevenBe, will be doing just that on March 23rd. How will he turn knitting into performance? By weaving in stories--yarns?--from his glamorous life.
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