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Transit Oriented Development

light rail in minneapolis
light rail in minneapolis
With the inauguration of the Hiawatha Line light rail in 2004, the Twin Cities, which once had an extensive street railway system, returned to the fold. Today some of the best and brightest local urbanists, planners, and leaders are solidly on the side of letting the transit hubs and corridors lead the way in development. The Central Corridor extension of the line into Saint Paul is an opportunity for a whole range of for-profit and nonprofit corporations and other concerned  organizations to find ways to both mitigate the disruption that construction will cause and turn the Corridor itself into a place where development benefits everybody.

Transit Oriented Development Features

Cultural Districts + LRT Stops: A Guide to the Central Corridor's Arts and Culture Hotspots

The Central Corridor is becoming the Twin Cities' new cultural hotspot showcasing local diversity, bringing communities closer together, and boosting economic opportunities.

Third Time's a Charm? Another Redesign for Minneapolis' Nicollet Mall

All Aboard: How Urban Train Stations are Becoming Neighborhood Amenities

Smart cities like Saint Paul are renovating their train stations (like the multi-modal hub Union Depot) into neighborhood and urban amenities.

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