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Macalester - Groveland

Shops in the macalester groveland neighborhood
Shops in the macalester groveland neighborhood
Students and homeowners mingle harmoniously in this dignified but lively neighborhood, which is anchored by the Presbyterian Macalester College in the east and part of the Catholic University of St. Thomas in the west. The mostly pre-1940s homes here are rich with woodwork, leaded glass, and the look of being cared for. Macalester's retail zone along Grand Avenue offers a mix of urban amenities that are more grown-up than what's found in most college business districts, including a range of intriguingly offbeat boutiques and gift shops. The intersection of Grand and Hamline is another highlight: the popular Sixth Chamber bookstore, the Grand Shanghai restaurant, Wells Pianos, and Just Truffles are all within a block of one another.

Macalester - Groveland Features

A Line or Two: Iranian "Ornament and Crime" at Macalester

In A Line or Two, I share some of my enthusiasms and discoveries as I make my way around the Twin Cities. Call it an editor's note as blog entry. This week: A celebrated, exiled Iranian artist brings her images of beauty, repression, and tragedy to Macalester's fine arts center.

A Line or Two: Memorial Mania

In A Line or Two, I share some of my discoveries and enthusiasms as I make my way around the Twin Cities. Call it an editor's note as blog entry. This week: On Thursday, a scholar of public art talks about the new memorials that are springing up in America--and the challenge of memorializing victims rather than heroes.

Behind the Bicycle Boom

Most of us in the Twin Cities are aware that we've become a great town for bicycling in recent years, but urbanist and author Jay Walljasper--an avid biker for decades--has been digging into the trend to find out the what and the why behind it. In this adaptation of an article he wrote for Bikes Belong, he fills in the story and gives us some impressive facts about the sheer scale and promise of our new two-wheel era.

Videoline: Celebrating the Midtown Greenway

To accompany Jay Walljasper's take on bike policy and bike culture in the Twin Cities, here's a video by Streetfilms that shows just how valuable one of the crown jewels in our bikeway system is--the Midtown Greenway, running more or less parallel to Lake Street from Chowen Avenue to the Mississippi River.

Eureka: The offbeat recycling company that wants to go way beyond recycling

If you live in one of the cities and towns Eureka Recycling serves, chances are you've seen its big green trucks lumbering along, picking up waste. But if you think Eureka is just another green-bottles here, brown-bottles there outfit, you're in for a surprise. It's one of only a handful of nonprofit recyclers in the country, and its vision goes way beyond recycling to a world that doesn't produce waste in the first place. To that end, it collaborates with artists and restaurateurs, encourages manufacturers to think zero-waste, and in many other ways acts as if the green future has already arrived.
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