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Guerrilla gardeners plant on public land

Guerrilla gardeners are taking it upon themselves to beautify plots of land that are public property in the Twin Cities, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports. Some local officials find it annoying.

"To Hall and her furtive cohorts, beautifying ugly land can't be a bad thing. 'All it means is that a little bit of ground is being improved,' said Hall, gazing at her 8-by-12-foot garden on city property behind her town home.

"Many people have seen the work of guerrilla gardeners but don't know it. The eco-outlaws sneak flowers into land by freeway exits, abandoned city gardens, or vacant lots.

"Some make their own 'seed bombs'—green grenades made of compressed compost, fertilizer and seeds, designed to be thrown onto soil.

"'When I am riding my bike, I look for vacant lots and just throw in a couple of my seed bombs,' said Bridget McDonald of Minneapolis, who started guerrilla gardening last year.

"'A month later — flowers!'"

Read the full story here.

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