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Straight Line Theory focuses on streamlining the digital experience

Back in the old days of Internet business startups (think mid-1990s), usability tended to be a big deal, sparking hundreds of articles about best practices and online navigation strategies. Although the term isn't used as often these days, it's still a vitally important component for companies that want to build effective user experiences.
Founded in 2002, Minneapolis-based Straight Line Theory has focused on information architecture and usability for over a decade, resisting the urge to broaden its offerings into other areas like web design or online branding. The company has no web designers or developers, just usability experts who know how people interact with each other and with companies online.
The business name, says co-founder John Dusek, refers to the route someone would take to get from point A to point B: a straight line. "It's a good metaphor for what we do," he says. "We see what clients are trying to accomplish, and we help them satisfy those goals as efficiently as possible."
With the rise of mobile technologies, usability has become even more important in some ways, giving Straight Line Theory a steady stream of clients. They now do a large chunk of work on mobile devices, tablets, and even mall kiosks and ATM machines.
With seven employees, Straight Line Theory has been conservative in terms of growth, Dusek says. Usually, the firm adds one employee per year, and that rate of expansion keeps the company nimble, notes Dusek: "We don't have layers of project managers and account people, just clients and interface design professionals working directly with one another."
Source: John Dusek, Straight Line Theory
Writer: Elizabeth Millard 
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