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Startup health firm Preventice launches remote monitoring tech for patients

Patients with cardiac issues could be thanking Minneapolis-based healthcare technology startup Preventice for better disease management in the not-too-distant future. The company just unveiled BodyGuardian Remote Patient Monitoring System, a mobile health system designed to monitor patients with cardiac arrhythmias.
Developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the system gives physicians the ability to monitor specific biometrics while patients are doing everyday activities. A small sensor attached to a patient's chest culls info like heart rate, activity level, and respiration rate. The information is sent to physicians through mobile-phone technology, and is also stored in the company's mHealth platform so that it can be retrieved later if necessary.
The need for this type of system is becoming more acute, believes Jon Otterstatter, co-founder and CEO of Preventice. "There is a growing acceptance for monitoring patients outside the hospital setting," he says, adding that BodyGuardian is unique from other monitoring systems, because it creates a constant connection between patients and clinical care teams, rather than sending updates at scheduled intervals.
Although BodyGuardian just launched, the company is already seeing demand, he notes, and the system is in multiple clinical trials in the United States and Europe. One trial is looking at how post-surgical cardiac patients can be better evaluated though remote monitoring, while another is examining whether patients with congestive heart failure can receive more timely interventions in order to prevent serious complications.
This latest release from Preventice joins other health management resources from the company, including products targeted at sleep apnea, diabetes management, migraine headaches, and prescription medication management.
Source: Jon Otterstatter, Preventice
Writer: Elizabeth Millard
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