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Livefront drives growth with focus on mobile app development

Although there are a number of software shops in the Twin Cities, very few focus on mobile app development, which makes Livefront into a prominent player, and one that's due to grow in the near future.
Founded in 2001, Livefront got its start when technologist Mike Bollinger was in college and working on mobile software for the Palm Pilot. In 2008, he started building a team and the company now has 10 employees, with hiring and expansion expected in the months ahead.
The company is very active in the local tech space, and Bollinger sees Livefront's role as much more than an app developer in a tech-savvy town.
"Our focus, our energy, and our intensity is centered around helping our clients design and build incredible mobile app experiences," he says. "It's important to us that we lead by example through teaching, speaking, sharing, sponsoring, and giving back to our community."
Livefront has sponsored over 15 events and organizations in the past two years, including Mobile March, Ignite Minneapolis, and Minnesota Developers Conference. The firm has released multiple open-source software projects like Acracadabra, and Bollinger is a co-founder of the well-respected online technology news site TECHdotMN.
Being so involved with the community gives Livefront an advantage when it comes to making connections (especially for its open tech positions), and also highlights the vibrant technology culture that's growing strong in the Twin Cities. As growth occurs, it will come mainly from Livefront's strong expertise and focus on mobile app development — but the robust engagement with the community also plays a major part in why Livefront is front and center.
Source: Mike Bollinger, Livefront
Writer: Elizabeth Millard
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