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Indeed Brewing expands Twin Cities beer scene

The local beer scene just keeps getting more and more lively, and the latest entrant is Indeed Brewing, located in Northeast Minneapolis.
The Line recently covered the growth of craft beer, and also noted how Indeed is moving into the rehabbed Solar Arts Building. With a strong market and a distinctive location, the brewery has a robust head start for growth.
"We wanted to create a brewery that could offer a fuller approach," says co-founder Tom Whisenand. "We want to sell in bars and restaurants, but also liquor stores."
The use of cans instead of bottles might help that effort. Unlike many of the craft breweries in the Twin Cities, Indeed has chosen to can their beer, emphasizing the durability, portability, and environmental friendliness of cans (lighter to transport, they use less fuel to ship, and are fully recyclable).
Another ingredient for success is Josh Bischoff as head brewer, Whisenand notes. Bischoff comes out of Town Hall Brewery, and has won awards for several of his brews. He's been the force behind the beer's first "hop-forward" brews, due this summer.
Whisenand came up with the name "Indeed" after he and co-founders Rachel Anderson and Nathan Berndt kicked around numerous choices. He felt that it was an affirmation of living in Minnesota, as in, "Despite the winters, this is indeed a great place to live."
That type of positive outlook fuels the company, he says: "We all love living here, and we believe we can create quality beer in a great place."
Source: Tom Whisenand, Indeed Brewing
Writer: Elizabeth Millard
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