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Exosite's deal with Fortune 200 firm Arrow extends platform to new markets, more users

"Like Twitter for machines" is the shorthand explanation Erik Rorvick gives for the company Exosite.

The Minneapolis-based machine-to-machine (M2M) company's cloud-based data platform connects users to real-world data from sensors and devices.

The conduit is Exosite's One Platform, and many more customers will be using it following the company's deal this month to partner with Fortune 200 company Arrow Electronics. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for more than 1,200 suppliers and boasts 115,000 customers across a network of 340 locations in 52 countries.

Since its founding in 2009, Exosite has had its "head down" focusing on the development of the cloud-based platform, says Rorvick, Exosite's business development manager. A release in the past month of Exosite's One Platform means it can "push and pull data on any internet-connected device," says Rorvick. The platform is built to handle millions of users and devices concurrently, he says.

Exosite's core focus has been on industrial process, heavy embedded electronics, and the like. Customers might monitor poultry temperature, a patient's medical device, or a complex computer system, Rorvick says.

Applications for Arrow could range from a water-pump monitor for a hobbyist's fish pond to an enterprise software platform to launch a product or corporation.

He calls the partnership a "paradigm shift" for Arrow's business model, while Exosite gains access to Arrow's coast-to-coast sales team. The deal will significantly increase the number of users and puts Exosite in a very good position to grow and reach new markets, says Rorvick.

The big picture is the emerging economic trend of big corporations like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard embracing the connected device and embedded internet, says Rorvick,??

"It's really exciting to see the really big players address and embrace and take some of the mystery out of it," he says.

Source: Erick Rorvick, Exosite
Writer: Jeremy Stratton

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