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Clockwork sees steady growth and hiring

Finding technology professionals, and application developers in particular, is a challenging task these days. With so many companies focused on tech in the Twin Cities, those gurus can be in short supply.
But Minneapolis-based Clockwork Active Media Systems has a knack for attracting this type of talent.
The digital agency has added about 40 technologists in the past couple years, and that boom has led to expansion plans for its existing building. Currently, the 10-year-old company has 73 employees, and a number of new job openings listed on its website.
Nancy Lyons, Clockwork's President and CEO, believes that Clockwork's distinctive team structure plays a large role in garnering more employees, particularly tech professionals, who appreciate being part of a larger vision.
"We have an approach here that anyone on a team can sit at the table with a client, it doesn't matter what your role is," she says. "That's what people are looking for in terms of employment, they want to be part of something bigger than they are."
As hiring continues, the breadth of talent helps to drive overall business growth, Lyons says. Big clients like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the YMCA and YWCA, and Cargill are drawn to the agency's team-based approach.
Lyons anticipates that the momentum will keep going strong, especially with more room thanks to the office expansion.
"People want to work here, and they love what they do," she says. "When you have that, growth comes as a result."
Source: Nancy Lyons, Clockwork
Writer: Elizabeth Millard
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