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The End of The Line: After Seven Inspiring Years, The Line Ceases Publication

We helped define and celebrate The North. Followed MSP’s burgeoning craft brew and distillery scene. Tracked Metro Transit’s opening of the Green Line and aBRT. Delved into ADUs. Wrote about modern architecture, micro-apartments and woonerfs. Helped you switch from a car to a bike commute. Raised public awareness of pollinators. Introduced you to coastal transplants. Provided round-ups of farmers markets. Toted MSP’s lively IoT scene
We also brought you monthly arts and culture picks. Overall, we kept you aware of the myriad innovations and transformations rapidly transforming our Twin Cities’ technology and communications, buildings and communities, society and culture. Need a refresher? Here are the top 10 stories published in The Line over the past seven years. We couldn’t have done it without you—the makers, entrepreneurs, artists, community activists and grassroots organizations that inspired us and The Line’s stories.
On May 26, 2010, founding editor Jon Spayde introduced the Twin Cities to a new online publication, The Line, “the web magazine that chronicles creativity in Minneapolis/Saint Paul: creativity in entrepreneurship, design, environmentalism, the arts, retail, urbanism, neighborhood vitalization and revitalization, and wherever else we're meeting the future of our cities and our region.”
The Line was named in “homage to several things: the old Twin Cities Lines, the streetcar company whose cars disappeared from our streets, but whose heritage has been reborn in our light-rail Hiawatha Line and the Central Corridor line that's (not uncontroversially) coming to birth as we speak,” Spayde explained. After the Green Line light-rail opened along University Avenue connecting Minneapolis and St. Paul, we continued to chronicle how transit-oriented development was sparking new affordable housing, community-based developments, artistic endeavors, creative placemaking and sustainable environmental strategies.
Now, as ever, all good things must come to an end. The Line, owned by Issue Media Group, Detroit, MI, will cease publication today, February 14, 2017. The Line and all of its contributors—led by Spayde and then current editor Camille LeFevre— gathered around a shared passion for celebrating the Twin Cities by unearthing and telling stories about our new creative economy. We enjoyed covering entrepreneurs and their start-ups; makers and maker culture; architects and developers changing our cities; technology, education, and transit; arts and culture; restaurants, gardens and the farm-to-table movement; the neighborhoods we love; and the best places to work and play.
We are deeply grateful for the relationships we’ve built since The Line’s inception in 2010. Our sponsors have included The City of Minneapolis, OST, The City of St. Paul, The Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Growth and Justice, Artspace, Metro Transit and St. Paul Public Schools. Thank you for your inspiration and your support!
Today, many of these organizations are creating and publishing their own content and working with established media outlets across several media channels. We encourage you to stay in touch with them. And to keep online publications such as Springboard for the Arts’ Creative Exchange and Issue Media Group’s Urban Innovation Exchange on your radar, as well as Artspace’s “The Artist Impact: An Artspace National Story Series.”
We look forward to being a part of the Twin Cities and its continued growth and success in whatever way future opportunities may unfold.
As we arrive at the end of The Line, we thank you. It’s been quite a ride!
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