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An Urbanist's Dream: New MSP Innovation District Would Create National Standard for City Building

The Prospect North Partnership has created an ambitious, innovative vision for development and urban problem solving along University Avenue that could set a national standard for 21st-century city building.


Why MSP is the Once, Current and Future Internet of Things (IoT) Alley

There’s a movement afoot to rebrand MSP as “IoT Alley” in recognition of its historical and current innovations in the field of Internet to cloud devices. MSP startups, in fact, are leading current growth in the field.

The Centennial Chromagraph, fabricated in the DigiFab Lab to celebrate the U of M School of Architecture's history

Why MSP is Leading the New DigiFab (Third Industrial) Revolution

We're experiencing the third industrial revolution in which MSP’s digital fabricators are innovatively building the future, one pixel at a time.  

Light Blox at work, courtesy Laser Classroom

An (Almost) One-Woman STEM Revolution Brings Photonics to Light

Colette DeHarpporte is on a mission. The CEO of Laser Classroom designs, builds and markets educational light, laser and optics tools for schoolchildren.    

Outsell's Post-It note wall of achievements, photo by Jasper Sanidad

Modern Office Designs for Fast-Growing Creative Companies That (Super)Power Their Work Cultures

Creative employers--like these two fast-paced, fast-growing Minneapolis companies--are collaborating with architecture firms on modern office makeovers that (super)power their brands and work processes.  


Gluten-Free Beer, Women-Only Ridesharing, Wellness Apps: 10 New Startups That Will Change Your Life

Driven by the seemingly boundless energy of local creatives, community leaders and entrepreneurs, Minneapolis-St. Paul’s burgeoning startup culture shows no signs of slowing down. Here are 10 compelling, life-changing startups to know about now.  

CoCo St. Paul, courtesy CoCo

The Power of Co-Working: Why MSP's Tech Startups Are Pooling Resources and Talents

MSP isn't usually mentioned in the same breath as Silicon Valley and Austin. But our local tech startup scene is leaping forward due to homegrown co-working companies, which lower barriers to success, growth and profitability through collaboration.

Alexis Ohanian, courtesy WAC and Tanya Kechician

Q+A: Alexis Ohanian, Creative Entrepreneurship, and Giving Lots of Damns

The Line asked Alexis Ohanian, who is speaking at the Walker Art Center and is best known as the cofounder of the social news site reddit, about how to create community on the Internet and his advice for startups.

Zachary Vex

Boutique Guitar Gear: Local Inventors Help Musicians Achieve the Holy Grail of Sound

In the world of handmade guitar gear, Twin Cities inventors are known by guitarists the world over for bringing a range of experience and creativity to products that for decades were mass-produced.

CogCubed conference, with Kurt Roots (second from left) and Monika Heller

Technology Meets Psychiatry with Local Startup CogCubed

A husband-wife team (he's a techie, she's a psychiatrist) are developing fun-to-play (but scientifically sound) game-style apps that can help diagnose ADHD and other psychiatric problems in kids.

Shefali Mehta

Meet the new face of STEM: Shefali Mehta

A proud "geek girl" from childhood, this globe-trotting scientist-businesswoman founded a local STEM-education program for elementary-school kids, moved away, then returned to find it still going strong. Now she's more committed than ever to strengthening science-and-technology training in our towns.

USF Health CAMLS Building

The Rise of the Rest: Tech Hubs Bloom Far from Silicon Valley

From Greenville, North Carolina to Baltimore, from Tampa to Denver to Cleveland to the Twin Cities, tech savvy, entrepreneurship, and investment are coming together to create bright clusters of digital innovation.

Solome Tibebu

At St. Thomas, the Hottest Tech Incubator You've Never Heard Of

The University of St. Thomas's Minneapolis campus is home to a quiet program that's incubated and helped fund some of the Twin Cities' most prominent (and promising) tech startups--including several run by women. It's a place where professors turn into business advisors and colleagues and the help just keeps on coming.

Kate Agnew

Geek gals: Can the Twin Cities lead in helping women take their place in high tech?

Despite some women-led startups, high tech here, as elsewhere, is still more or less drowning in testosterone. But some strong local initiatives are pointing the way toward more opportunities for women to get their geek on.
21 Articles | Page: | Show All
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