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Turning an industrial building in Northeast into a hub for artisan meat and drink

A vacant industrial complex in Northeast Minneapolis could soon become a hub for locally-produced artisan quality meats, whiskey, and more.

Mike Phillips of Three Sons Meat Co. is collaborating with Kieran Folliard of 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey on the project.

The concept begins with a USDA-certified dry-cured pork product processing plant, while an office and retail area would complement that.  

Also, “There’s some talk of a micro-distillery down the road,” Phillips says.  

The idea is to put businesses in there that can’t be found elsewhere in Minnesota, he says. “There’s no other salumi plant in the state.”

“A big part is to have a Willy Wonka aspect to it,” with pathways throughout the place so that “people can see how things are made.”

The pair hopes to buy the building, but that’s on hold until an environmental study comes through. “It’s a slow process,” he says. “It depends on a whole lot of variables.”

If it works out, they’ll move on to a “clarification of the vision, including what needs to be there and who needs to be there, how it will be laid out,” and more.   

This is the second time the pair have considered this particular building.

If they do move forward on the building, it’ll mean stripping it down to its shell, replacing the roof, landscaping, and building out the plant.

Early on, Phillips and Folliard identified Northeast Minneapolis as the ideal location. “We wanted to be somewhere where we could be a part of the community,” he says, adding that the neighborhood has been supportive of the plan.  

They hope to have the place in production by next spring.

Source: Mike Phillips, Three Sons Meat Co.
Writer: Anna Pratt

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