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The forward-looking energy picture in the Twin Cities is complex: while it includes the glamor Greenery-- energy from wind, waves, and other renewables--it's also about retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency and lower cost, conserving energy in small but telling ways in corporate and home settings, and continuing to develop energy sources that are cleaner, if not officially Green, like natural gas; and innovations to make our old energy standbys like petroleum more efficient and user-friendly.

Energy Features

The Rose

Spring Green: The Rose Sets A New National Sustainability Standard for Affordable Housing

A recently completed affordable-housing complex in the South Quarter of Minneapolis is arguably the most healthy and sustainable in the U.S.    


December in the Cities: Art and Culture To Go

It's culture to go this month in our feature highlighting arts, entertainment and culture not to be missed in MSP. Stop into City Center for an on-the-fly dance performance. Check out--on your laptop, phone or tablet--Greycoats' music video shot in architect Ralph Rapson's Glass Cube. Catch District Energy's plume in the night sky in downtown St. Paul.  


TC Solar Entrepreneurship Powers Economic Development

Minnesota's rapid spread and development of solar energy generation is sparking Twin Cities entrepreneurship.

Installing the Boyces' array, courtesy EcoMetro Tour

Solar Twin Cities: Where Urban Farming, Social Justice, Green Tech and Sustainable Living Meet

A sneak peek at the solar initiatives of a Twin Cities homeowner, nonprofit and entrepreneurial restaurant/farm featured during the EcoMetro Sustainable Living Tour on May 31 sponsored by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society.

Connecting to the cities by bus, photo by Kyle Mianulli

Car Free and Carefree in MSP: Why Ali Lozoff Kicked Car Ownership to the Curb

Welcome to a new series on Twin Cities' residents who live car-free by walking, bicycling and using Metro Transit. Ali Lozoff: "If I can navigate this city all hours of the day and night on a bus, then anyone can do it.”
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