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Tech consultancy Lotus + Lama finds growth through Apple specialization

Although there are now plenty of tech experts at Apple stores, Martin Thomas was a lone Mac guru when he and his wife, Kate, started Lotus + Lama in 1995.
"At that point, you didn't see everyone with Apple products like you do now," he says. "There was just a smaller, dedicated group of people who loved the technology."
Thomas had been a recording engineer earlier in his career, in an industry where Apple found early adoption. When he showed an aptitude for fixing the computers, people began to find him and ask for help. He says, "At some point, it became obvious that I'd have more work if I focused on computers instead, and since I was only using Macs, that's the direction I went."
The consulting firm has gotten more robust over the past 17 years, particularly with remote log-in ability, freeing Thomas from doing extensive on-site work. Kate provides project management services, and the firm does website design as well. Clients range from advertising agencies to recording studios, non-profits, and graphic designers.
Even with the Apple store Genius Bars offering technical assistance, Lotus + Lama continues to establish a larger client base, mainly due to Thomas' ability to give technology advice with a long-term vision, not just a quick tech tweak.
"With clients, I get to know their frustrations, and how they organize their files," he says. "Every client has a different approach as to how they use their computers and networks. If they go to an Apple store or other tech, they have to tell their story again and again. With me, I already know their story because I've been part of it."
Source: Martin Thomas, Lotus + Lama
Writer: Elizabeth Millard
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