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A Line or Two: Arts Responding to Foreclosure

In A Line or Two, I share some of my enthusiasms and discoveries as I make my way around the Twin Cities. Call it an editor's note as blog entry. This week: At an upcoming potluck and community meeting,  you can get to know a unique arts-based activist group in Saint Paul's Frogtown.

IP Video at UCBC Event

A Line or Two: China in the Morning

In A Line or Two, I share some of my discoveries and enthusiasms as I make my way around the Twin Cities.Call it an editor's note as blog entry. This week: The ever-deeper Minnesota-China connection, over breakfast.

Jacie Knight and Students

My View: Staging the real truth about bullying

The founder and artistic director of Youth Performance Company reflects on what she's learned from the kids she works with about the real source of the "bullying epidemic" in our schools--and why she commissioned a musical theater piece to deal with it.

Bill Ziegler, Little Earth CEO

Young Filmmakers' Images of Indian Country, Indian heritage

The Dakota War of 1862, the survival of Native languages, Minneapolis' urban Indian heartland--these were the challenging themes that a group of young Native filmmakers took up this summer at an innovative media institute dedicated to reconnecting them with their roots.

John Spayde speaking with Dane Smith and Maureen Ramirez

The Big Picture: Dane Smith and Maureen Ramirez on justice, jobs, and education

The president and the research/policy director of the local think tank Growth and Justice are "business-oriented progressives." In the face of dogma to the contrary, they dare to assert that there's an unbreakable link between economic fairness and economic growth. And they're bringing that spirit to the most compelling economic issue of all: jobs.

Wokie Weah (center) with YouthPrise interns Tyler Hamblin and Erica Deanes

After-School Specials: Innovative Programs Engage Kids Before They Go Home

With a new school year approaching, we take a look at three unique programs that show how Minnesota has become a "thought leader" in developing--and funding--positive alternatives for youth.

Half Pintz Drill Team & Drum Squad

Rondo Days Grand Parade and Festival: A Slide Show

It's Saint Paul's--and Minnesota's--biggest celebration of African American life, commemorating the Rondo neighborhood, which was largely bulldozed away to make room for Interstate 94 in the 1960s. This year, lensman Bill Kelley followed all the festivities.

Tanisha Brandt and David Forrest

A Dream called Three Ring Gardens

On some long-vacant land behind their Central Corridor high school, a group of students and their supporters envision a multi-use greenspace that would be a focal point for the neighborhood--and could be unique in the nation.

Don Mitchell, Seitu Jones and Chancee Martorell

A confab on Hennepin's future wraps up with a question: Who owns public space?

In the final Talk-It Hennepin forum on the redevelopment of Hennepin Avenue, experts touched on some touchy subjects, like the purpose of public space, who gets to use it and how, the role of memory in placemaking, and how to celebrate diversity without creating ethnic Disneylands.

Grassroots and Groundwork

Grassroots and Groundwork: Escaping poverty by blending tech and tradition

At the Grassroots and Groundwork anti-poverty conference--held at Mystic Lake Casino, of all places--attendees heard about ingenious ways to build wealth in struggling communities by adapting old-school immigrant self-help tactics to the digital age.

At Broadway and Emerson avenues North

Great Street Art: A Slide Show

Managing Photographer Bill Kelley talked to some friends, checked in with some experts, and wandered the city a bit on his own to find the local street art that appealed to him the most. Herewith, his images of art meant to make you stop, look, have a startle reaction, and then continue on your way, energized.

The Walker's Backstage Performers' Wall

A Line or Two: The Walker Performs

In A Line or Two, I share some of my discoveries and enthusiasms as I make my way around the Twin Cities. Call it an editor's note as blog entry. This week: a preview of what the Walker has in store for its stage.

Charles Landry

Charles Landry in Minneapolis: From art in the city to the city as art form

In town to talk about the Central Corridor, Hennepin Avenue, and other local nodes of city planning, lauded urbanist Charles Landry called for an approach that integrates the cities' diverse cultures into a rich, essentially artistic, mix--and makes everyone feel appreciated and included.

Battle Creek Park

A Line or Two: A Soulful Almost-Saint-Paul Park

In A Line or Two, I share some of my discoveries and enthusiasms as I make my way around the Twin Cities--call it an editor's-note-as-blog-entry. This week: Laurie and I explore a Ramsey County regional park that's very rural--and very urban.

Geoffry Canada

Geoffrey Canada in Minneapolis: "Get Ready for Your Moment"

From books to documentaries to television appearances, Geoffrey Canada has earned accolades as an education reform leader and the head of Harlem Children’s Zone. Last week he was in Minneapolis to speak to a convention of youth and educators involved in the service-learning movement, where he told them "you never know when you'll be needed."
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