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cooperation/collaboration Features

Mykl Roventine and the basics of Karaoke

Dale Connelly, Resident Tourist: Speakers get five minutes to fascinate at Ignite Minneapolis

Our Resident Tourist continues his exploration of the Twin Cities by dropping in to Ignite Minneapolis, the forum where speakers get five minutes--and not a millisecond more--to excite a crowd with an idea, a vision, a product, or a point of view. Pressure? You bet. Half the audience are Tweeting instant reviews as they listen.

Lars Leafblad of Keystone

The Big Picture 2: A conversation with Lars Leafblad on Minnesota's search for a new identity

Lars Leafblad, a principal in the Minneapolis executive search firm KeyStone Search, was dubbed "the most networked man in the Twin Cities" by Minnesota Business magazine last year. In the second of our Big Picture conversations about the future of our city and state, Leafblad acknowledges that we're good at cooperation and connection--but adds that we need a compelling new image of what we want to be and where we want to go.

Don Smithmier

Four-way entrepreneur Don Smithmier: they told him to "focus," and luckily, he didn't listen

Don Smithmier starts companies without worrying about crafting a single image for himself. In fact, he calls the Minneapolis office of Matter Worldwide, his umbrella company, "the physical manifestation of my weird brain." It contains four companies he founded or in which he's a partner: a music studio, a web design firm, a web news aggregator, and a bold new venture in online learning. And then there's his country-and-western band...

Johnny Northside

Johnny Northside and friends: North Minneapolis' best-known blogger has spawned his own blogosphere

John Hoff, aka Johnny Northside, blogs about North Minneapolis with passion and personality. He believes the neighborhood is headed "someplace amazing," and he's helping it get there with stories about its pleasures and problems. And he's inspired others to join the cyber-conversation, co-creating one of the most vibrant civic blogospheres in town.

Banners Iidentifying the cultural corridor

American Indian Cultural Corridor: New art, new enterprise on Franklin Avenue

Franklin Avenue east of Hiawatha in Minneapolis used to be best known for bars and blight. Today, though, the area is blooming with Native enterprise as an American Indian Cultural Corridor takes shape. Culture and art are major drivers of the neighborhood's renaissance--an art gallery is one of the anchors, and there are new tribal and company offices and apartments too--and plans call for a brand-new mixed-use building and a Native-owned hotel. The biggest change, though, is a new sense of cohesion and pride at street level.
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