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TLC funds new round of pedestrian, bike improvements

St. Paul-based Transit for Livable Communities (TLC) has released funds for three new projects through its administration of the federal Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Project (NMTPP).

Minneapolis is one of four communities in the country participating; TLC has allocated nearly $20 million of NMTPP funds in four funding rounds so far, much of it through its Bike/Walk Twin Cities program.

This smaller than first round will fund:

� $62,000 in pedestrian improvements on Franklin Avenue between 23rd and 26th avenues in Minneapolis, including countdown timers, marked crosswalks, curb extensions, and possibly future bike lanes;

� $110,000 to fill two "pedestrian gaps" to the North Star Rail Station in Fridley; and

� $1 million additional capital support for the bike-share program Nice Ride, to expand the number of bikes and stations.

Joan Pasiuk, bicycling and walking program director for TLC, describes the effort as more than just "new streetscape and infrastructure.

"We really look at this as�innovative ways to help people connect with their community and use resources in different ways," says Pasiuk.

In Minneapolis, the Franklin Avenue improvements have been "very community-led" and especially included new residents and new immigrants in the process, she says.

Likewise, the Fridley project is part of a transit-oriented development effort in that city, she says--part of a Compete Streets movement and larger comprehensive plan.
"That's very progressive, for suburban communities to take on that type of project," says Pasiuk.

Source: Joan Pasiuk, Transit for Livable Communities
Writer: Jeremy Stratton

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