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Creative agency SixSpeed fuses adrenaline with design

"Definitely, everyone here is caffeinated," says Andi Dickson, principal at St. Louis Park-based creative agency SixSpeed.
In some ways, he's joking about how energy drinks fuel innovation at the agency, but on a more figurative level, his comments point to the secret of SixSpeed's success: wild energy, properly harnessed.
Dickson started the agency three years ago with co-founder Tom Cusciotta, and each brought a background in agency work mixed with action sports and marketing. For example, Dickson worked for Red Bull for some time, where he pulled together some stunningly creative events.
In creating SixSpeed, the pair aims to blend traditional agency abilities with event management and, quite simply, a little bit of crazy. They've attracted edgy, fun clients like Polaris, Two Gingers Irish Whiskey, and Colt 45.
"We do lifestyle marketing, that's been a major piece of what we offer," says Dickson. "We provide content generation and events, as well as social strategy. Basically, we provide good old-fashioned hard work, and it's allowed us to grow as a result."
The agency has doubled in size every year since its founding, and recruitment is never much of a problem. The staff skews toward a younger demographic--no one, including the founders, is over 35 years old--and a recent move to new offices included an aerialist show and craft beers.
"We're having a great time, and we're working hard and loving it," says Dickson. "Also, our new offices are attached to a brewery. So, what more could you want?"
Source: Andi Dickson, SixSpeed
Writer: Elizabeth Millard
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